REDS wine bar and cafe

Our Approach

Why do the fine residents of Parkville need to travel downtown to get unique food? We offer gourmet food at affordable prices, preparing our offerings in house made from scratch. Of course we offer typical bar food such as chicken wings and sandwiches. Many of our offerings are not typically found in bars, baked brie and smoked salmon are not your usual fare. So stop in and let REDS pair a fine wine with some small plates of your choosing.

Our Story

Reds and I had a small wine market and butcher shop in Kingsville, MD. We were forced to close last year after the ownership of the building changed hands. After liquidating as much as possible REDS and I were left with 1,000 or so bottles of wine. One day I was speaking with Racer’s owner and we had a eureka moment! We both realized that Parkville needed a wine bar and Racer’s Bar was in need of renovation and FOOD. That is our story.

Meet the Team

Next Steps…

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